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Welcome to Screaming Reels Fishing Reels Guide

Selecting a fishing reel selection can be quite confusing especially if you are new to the sport of fishing sport. Fishing Reels come in all sizes, shapes, configurations, and, of course, price. Basic knowledge of the types of fishing reels available and the uses for which they are designed can be quite helpful before you buy a new fishing reel. Knowledge of fishing reels will not only reward you the confidence that you are buying the right fishing reel, but is quite likely to save you money.
There are basically four types of fishing reels: the Spincasting Fishing Reel, the Spinning Fishing Reel, the Casting Fishing Reel (many times called a Bait Casting Fishing Reel) and of course, the Fly Fishing Reel. The technique used for casting and the application of each type of fishing reel is quite different.
Spincasting Fishing Reels

The spincasting fishing reel is the most basic type of fishing reel and is most known as a "starter" fishing reel (Zebco 202) for most young people. The Spincasting Fishing Reel is enclosed in a housing with a small hole in the front which the line plays out. There is a spindle inside the housing that holds the line and a trigger (push button) on the backside for casting the line. This type of fishing reel is a favorite for beginners because it doesn't easily tangle and it is very easy to cast. Because the fishing reel is enclosed (closed face), the line is somewhat hampered as it exits the spool which limits the casting distance.
The Spinning Reels

The spinning fishing reel is generally the most common type of reel in use by fisherman. The spinning reel has an exposed spool with a wire bail that moves around the spool as the crank is turned. The bail is used to guide the fishing line onto the spool. Spinning fishing reels normally have drag adjustment as well as an anti-reverse system that stops the line from playing back the crank is stopped. The spinning reel hangs below the rod and is usually cranked from the left, although many spinning reels offer the ability to move the crank to the right side of the reel. Spinning reels tend to tangle as the design of the fishing reel generates "line twist" into the fishing line. Is is generally recomended to occasionally "pull" about one-two feet of line while the bail is engaged in order reduced the build up of the twist. Because of the limited line resistance, the spinning fishing reel generally has the greatest casting distance of all fishing reels categories.
The Baitcasting Reel

The baitcasting reel is mounted on the top side of the fishing rod and is designed much like a wench. The spool is level to the plane of the fishing rod and the line is controlled by a retrieve mechinism which moves back and forth to place the line equally across the spool. In many cases the line placement is controlled by the operator using a finger to control the line retrieve placement. The casting distance can be controlled by placing your thumb on the spool to add resistance to the line as is it leaves the spool. The baitcasting reel crank is either on the left or the right but is generally not interchangeable. The baitcasting reel is popular for use in all types of fishing from bass fishing to open water saltwater fishing. Practice is recomended to avoid the dreaded "back lash" in which the line exits the spool at a faster rate than it exits the rod guides. Use of a baitcasting fishing reel can be initially frustrating, but once mastered, the baitcast fishing reel becomes the reel of choice for a wide variety of applications.
The Fly Fishing Reel

The fly fishing reel has the simplest of design of all the fishing reels. The fly fishing reel uses a drum-like spool with a hole in it to play the line out when casting. Generally speaking, the fly fishing reel is the simplest of the fishing reels, and they are engineered to be very lightweight and extremely trustworthy.

Zebco Slab Seeker Spincast Reel

Shimano Symetre (Front Drag)

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